Board Chair / Director / Seamstress

Talley "Taco Belle" LaFlamme

Board Chair / Director / Team Organizer

Matt "Crockett" Bakula

Well I would rather play on the field than be the mascot. I like Lego's and X-box, neither were around in the 19th century though. I also happen to be a lady's man and all my teenage sisters' friends think I'm cute.
                   How I got here:   My dad is making me.
                                Quote: "I know"

I’m married with 5 kids and 2 dogs. We live in Goodlettsville, TN and I commute down each week for work. I have a BA in History and have traveled the world with the US Army from which I am retired. Since I spend the week in Huntsville, love history, and thoroughly enjoy baseball, I decided to form at least one vintage base ball team in Huntsville back in 2014. A year and a half later it finally got to steam rolling and we were able to play another new team in a doubleheader in November 2015. You can trust me to be a contributing member to this team because I started it all here in Huntsville, so I’m the least likely to walk away from it.

Your word is your name.

HVBBC Founder / Board Chair

Guy"Lemon Drop" Kerby


Board Advisor / Head Umpire

Ron"Yankee" LaFlamme

 Bringing Baseball Back to Huntsville · Established 2015

Team Masscot / Ball Boy:

Kaleb  Kerby

My name is Matt....

Scheduling Advisor / Ballist

Tom "Cotton" Clark