Bringing Baseball Back to Huntsville · Established 2015

Huntsville Vintage Baseball Club

Huntsville, AL, United States




Before inquiring about a position on our team(s)

Please note that this style of baseball is slightly “rougher” than typical baseball. You do not get to use gloves, it is a bare-hand sport, the bats are solid wood and it is often played in a weeded, terraced rowed field, people fall very often. You will be signing liability waiver(s) at the beginning of each game and we often play double-headers. We highly encourage possible ballists to attend at least two practices before officially deciding to join the team. In that, your captain and directors will honestly and kindly, either encourage or discourage you from proceeding with enrollment. This is truly a man’s sport, carried out in a gentleman’s fashion. If this sounds like the type of fun, fitness and history you would like to partake of please reach out to us for more details. Positions are limited and subject scrutiny.

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