Bringing Baseball Back to Huntsville · Established 2015

The HVBBC is the first vintage baseball club in Alabama. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) that strives to educate the public on the history of America's National Pastime. All our matches will be full reenactments played by the rules of 1864, with our ballists in era-appropriate uniforms, using era-appropriate equipment.

Our funds will be used for: rental of game venues (farms, mills, plantations, etc.), memorabilia for the spectators, equipment (balls, bats, benches, etc.), authentic uniforms and outfits, game day meals for the ballists (players), marketing materials, and travel expenses for our fall league.

Given the gracious support of the public and local businesses, we plan to expand into multiple teams based in and around the Madison County area. Our live reenactment games will forever and always be FREE to the public; so please, bring your children or paw babies and a seat or a quilt and come out to enjoy a hardy man's game of glove-free, wooden bat baseball!